WordPress Plugins

Top 7 Plugins I Use For Every WordPress Website

Here are the top 7 plugins that I use on every WordPress website that I develop. One of the best features of WordPress is the ability to ‘tack on’ third…

Responsive Design
Responsive Design

What is responsive web design and why use it?

Learn about responsive web design and how you can use it to increase the number of visitors to your WordPress site. Responsive Web Design These days everyone is talking about…

WordPress SEO
Search Engine Optimisation

How to Utilise SEO to Boost Traffic to Your Website?

Boost traffic to your WordPress site with these Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips and tricks. Your newly designed website has just been released into the world, it looks fantastic and…

WordPress Security Issues

WordPress Update 4.7.3 Fixes Six Security Issues

March WordPress update provides fixes to six security issues that affected 1.5m users. The newest WordPress update 4.7.3 provides a fix to a number of security issues that allowed attackers…

Freelance WordPress Development
Freelance Dev

Why choose a freelance WordPress developer over an agency?

Choosing a WordPress developer for your business or cause can be quite challenging. Why should you choose a freelance WordPress developer over an agency? Here are 4 reasons to choose…