Choosing a WordPress developer for your business or cause can be quite challenging. Why should you choose a freelance WordPress developer over an agency?

Here are 4 reasons to choose a freelance WordPress developer.

1. Dedicated commitment.

When working with an agency, you are working with a number of designers and developers. Your project might get thrown around the office with everyone adding their little snippet of work. With a freelancer, you are working with not only the project manager, but also the designer and developer.

This then results in a clean and succinct development process, proving to cause less headaches down the track. Choosing a freelancer will have the benefit of quicker turn-around times, direct communication and complete control over your project.

2. Reduced overhead costs.

Working with a freelancer allows you as a client to bypass the majority of hefty overhead costs associated with your project. This in turn reduces the total cost of your project, providing a cheaper and more effective way to get your business online.

3. Adaptation to technologies.

Agencies struggle to adapt and update to the latest trends and technologies due to their complex structure. The new technology comes out, the agency recognises this and applies through their management to implement it. Now, a couple of days or weeks later, they finally get approval to go ahead. By then there is already a new version or different way to go about the same thing. It is more of a headache than it’s worth.

A freelance developer however, is easily able to adapt to new technologies as soon as they arrive. It comes out, they decide to utilise it. It’s done, the next day they are using it for their new client’s project. Through a freelancer, clients have the ability to use the latest technologies in their site.

“What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.” – Tim O’Reilly

4. Care for the client and their project.

Finally, one main reason to choose a freelancer is their care. WordPress developers start freelancing because of their love to create new and intuitive websites. They don’t quit the security of their day job for the money, it is actually more of a gamble.

Building a website for a client as a freelancer requires a certain level of care. It’s exactly like a portfolio. Freelancers are always posting new projects that potential clients can see and judge.

On the flip side, an agency merely wants to pump out as many sites as it can to generate as much profit as possible. Therefore, there is an obvious requirement of a freelance developer to produce good websites.


The overall message is that a freelance developer is generally a wiser choice over an agency. They provide a cheaper and more personal experience leading to a solution that suits any business or cause. Freelancers are individually dedicated to producing top quality results for each and every client.

It’s simple, with an agency you are likely to blow your budget and get a site not even close to your standards. With a freelancer, the final outcome is likely to exceed your expectations for a fraction of the price.


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